Students under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult to and from the studio at all times. Students under age 12 are

not to be dropped off at the door. We do not endorse students leaving Amazin Grace without parental supervision. There is no running in the studio or parking lot, parents may be contacted and student(s) may be suspended if need be.

Students are expected to fully participate in all classes for the entire time slot. Disruptive students will be given a verbal warning, if disruption continues they may be asked to sit out or leave the dance room. There is zero tolerance for bullying of others, student will be asked to leave the room and parents will be notified and student(s) may be suspended if need be.

Proper attire is expected EVERY class; this includes leotard, tights, hair, and shoes. If student is not in proper dress code, they will be given a warning, and if it occurs again they will be asked to sit out, on the 3rd offense the parent/guardian will be notified. Dance is like any other sport and attire is important for safety, visual effect, and history. Students are required to wear proper attire to EVERY class.

Please contact the studio if you/your child is to be absent or more the 5 minutes late. Absences/tardiness affects the entire flow of the class and may affect placement in the class and recital. Tardiness can be a safety issue if warm-up is missed, student may be asked to warm-up on their own and join in later. It is the student’s responsibility to learn any missed material by attending a make-up class, meeting up with a classmate, getting notes, talking to teacher, etc.

If a teacher is to be absent, we will try to have a substitute or if need be reschedule the class.

Classes canceled due to inclement weather or illness may be made up at a later time. Make up classes will be at Mrs. Kraft’s discretion. Tuition will NOT be adjusted. Refunds are NOT given for missed lessons or if a student quits during the month.

Tuition payments are due by the 7th of each month. A $10.00 late fee will be assessed for payments made past the 7th and students may not be allowed to participate in class until payments are made.

There is a minimum of $20.00 charged for any returned checks, amount may change depending on the bank. Students will NOT be allowed to perform in the rehearsal/recital if ALL payments are not made in full before that date. All students perform in a dance recital (unless it’s a technique class) during June. Date is TBA. Students perform on a stage and wear special performance costumes chosen by Mrs. Kraft. Costume fees are $60.00 per dance, or $72.00 for size 1X, $75.00 for 2X, or $80.00 for size 3X. There is also a $8.00 tight fee per pair of tights needed. (Some students may require more than 1 pair depending on classes being taken). Plus size tights are $10.00 per pair.  Friday night’s rehearsal is mandatory for ALL to participate in Saturday’s Dance Recital at NCCC.

All costumes payments are due by October 30, 2013.

Any costume alterations are the responsibility of the parent/guardian. We are NOT responsible for any alterations. Students also may need a nude leotard to be worn under costumes at the recital and competitions. These are usually recommended for students over age 8, or students who are in multiple dances.

Special dance shoes are required for most classes. These may be purchases through Bailey’s Slipper Shop on Main St. in Clarence. DO NOT wear dance shoes until approved by the class teacher! Shoes cannot be returned once worn and we are not responsible.

Hair MUST be secured from the face in a ponytail or bun, please secure flyways and bangs that fall into eyes with barrettes, bobby pins, or a secure headband.

Cell phones are to be silenced and put away once a student enters the dance room. If there’s an emergency where a student absolutely needs to leave their phone on, they MUST speak to their teacher at the beginning of class. Students may be asked to leave if they do not comply.

The studio waiting area is designated for students to do homework, eat, rest etc. in between classes. Parents please be courteous of students and keep conversations quiet. Also please make sure small children are not left unattended; disrup- tive or noisy children may be asked to leave.

A monthly newsletter is generally available; these are loaded with important info. and upcoming events. It is the parent/guardian(s) responsibility to get the newsletter from the studio or if posted on the website,


A professional photographer and videographer are used for picture day and the recital.. No other photography or videos are allowed during these functions.

We reserve the right to limit students to certain classes if we feel safety may be compromised for any reason.

Due to the nature of dance as an art form, there may be times when a teacher may need to physically assist a student with a dance movement or technique.

Please make sure you have read ALL of the policies carefully and are in full agreement. Any policy may be changed at studio discretion at any time. Parents/guardians will be notified of any changes by posting inside the studio.