Bring Your Friend to Dance!

During the month of October, we are having all our dancers invite their friends to try out the class!

If your friend enrolls in dance class, you will receive $10 off your November tuition for EACH friend that enrolls!

Pick up an invitation today from the office! We have a special gift attached for our new friends as well as promotional deals! Each new friend that enrolls will receive $5 off their registration fee. 

Also, you will EACH be entered in to win a free dance costume!

We are excited to meet all our new dance friends!

$35 per month for our little dancers! Starting in October!

Starting in October we will have LITTLE tuition prices for our LITTLE dancers!

We know that it is hard to be sure if your little one will enjoy a new activity, so we are making it easier on our hardworking Moms and Dads! 

For current and new students, the price will now be $35 for the following classes:

Monday 4:30- 3-5yr Pre-Ballet

Tuesday 6:30- 4-5yr Combo*- Starts October 3rd!

Saturday 10:00- 2-3yr Combo

Saturday 11:00- 4-5yr Combo