Amazin Grace Competition Team 2016-2017

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 Amazin Grace Competition Team

info packet: 2016-2017 Comp Handbook(pdf)

About the Amazin Grace Competition Team

The Amazin Grace Competition Team began in 2011 and while the team is still young, it has come a long way in just over three years. The Competition Team is a group of talented dancers who are dedicated and hard working team players. The Amazin Grace Competition Team strives for a positive learning and working environment for all team members and coaches at all times. Overall attitude and dance technique are weighed equally in our book and team members are able to create bonds with their coaches and fellow teammates that are positive, fun, and rewarding.

The Competition Team at Amazin Grace focuses on dance technique in ballet, tap, jazz and most recently, modern. The team travels to two or three competitions per year and competes routines for each style of dance. Team members take one technique class and one choreography class per week for each style of dance. The team also has one stretching and acrobatic-based class weekly, as well as one conditioning class per week. These classes allow team members to increase flexibility and overall fitness in order to meet the physical demands of their weekly classes. The team will also have workshops based on different styles of dance throughout the year (ex: African dance, Musical Theatre Dance, etc.) in order to keep the team fresh and inspired.

During our 2015-2016 year, two of our teams made it to the Turn It Up Nationals in Cape Cod,MA. We are extremely proud of our students who worked so hard through out the year! The dancers were also able to participate in Master Classes at this conference, and learned so much from them.

In the summer of 2017, we will be traveling to Disney to showcase our Competition team’s dances. More information on the cost, fundraising and travel details will be discussed at competition try-outs and subsequent meetings.