Classes Offered

Combo– Ages 3-4 & 4-5.  Offering tap and jazz in a 1 hr.class.  Encourages creativity withan emphasis on motorskills,  listening skills, and basic dancesteps.

Pre-Ballet – Ages 3-5 &  5-8.  Students will learn the basics of ballet de- signed appropriately for their age and level.  A variety of fun music is used, structure and listening skills, along with coordination and grace.

Tap & Jazz Fusion- Ages 6-8. This is a special 1 and a half hour class! Students will learn both tap and jazz and will perform two separate dances in the recital. 

Lyrical – Ages 8 &  Up .This class will range from upbeat and funky, to slow and graceful dancing.  Focus is on performing with a message.

HipHop– Ages 8 & Up.  HipHop is a form of streetdance, the movements are kept to a rhythmic, synco- patedbeat.  HipHop is an energetic dance in which movements are fast, and funky.

Ballet– Ages 8 & Up.  Ballet develops excellent structure, grace, technique, placement, strength, and flexibility of the body.  Ballet is highly recommended for ALL dance students.

Tap– Ages 5 & Up.  An audible fun form of dance, teaching rhythm ,beat , coordination and motorskills.

Jazz– Ages 5 &  Up. Jazz is a stylized form of theatrical dancing conceived in America. Jazz is influenced by ballet , musical styles of different eras, as well as hip-hop and streetdancing.

Pointe-Teacher Recommendation. Strictly classical ballet. Ballet dancers will wear Pointe shoes which will elevate and place their entire body weight ontothe ankles, feet, andtoes.

 Ballet Tech.- Non-performing class done in a classical ballet style that focuses on technique mostly at the barre or center floor.  Works on the foundational steps of ballet. Please contact the studio if you are interested in these private lessons.

MusicalTheatre – Ages 8 & Up. Explores the music and movement of Broadway’s greatest hits  and how to incorporate character, personality, and props into the  performance.

 Acro– Ages 8 & Up . Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements.  It is defined by its athletic character,  its unique choreography, which blends dance and acrobatics, and improves strength, flexibility, and tumbling skills.

Modern – Ages 8 & Up.Tells a story or conveys a message through expression and movement that is fluid, smooth and controlled. Intermediate dancers and above, enrolled in ballet.

Competition – Audition Only.  Students are required curriculum of tap, jazz, ballet, acro,  and technique in order to improve skills and prepare for dance com- petitions.

Twirling- Dancer’s learn the art of baton twirling while also learning dance steps and combinations! Not only is this class a lot of fun, it also helps with hand-eye coordination.